“If you want answers that can end all wars, stop all racism, and create an incredible understanding between men and women, this is the book for you. If you want nature to be properly protected, the political divide to be healed, and dogmatic ideologies to be erased, this is the solution. From this understanding, depression, anxiety, and all forms of suffering can slowly be eliminated from Earth forever.”

WTM Tampa founder, Dustin Hull

WTM Centers continue to open around the world as recognition and support grows for Jeremy Griffith’s all-important biological breakthrough understanding of the human condition, with Centers located across the Americas, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and Africa.

The founder of WTM Tampa, Dustin Hull, has a Bachelor of Arts in media journalism and a Bachelor of Science in psychology (adolescent development) from Thomas Edison State University, and is undertaking a Master’s in child counseling.

Dustin was raised in the Tampa area, by his father, a citrus grower, and his mother, a paralegal whom he calls his greatest teacher. His childhood was spent outside the city, surrounded by orchards, fishing ponds, and a very large extended family, for which he is very grateful. Now, after having spent time living in the city, from the neighborhoods of Westshore to Seminole Heights, he’s proud to be opening a WTM Center in Tampa.

Dustin previously worked in advertising, and as a writer and editor, including for one of the country’s largest sports websites, Bleacher Report, and the film news website Screen Rant. His first love was writing and storytelling, and he is currently writing fiction with the truths of FREEDOM embedded in them, in an effort to build a new narrative in our culture based on Jeremy Griffith’s truthful, first principle-based biological understanding of the human condition. He is also fascinated with philosophy, linguistics, history, mythology and psychology, with his search to better understand psychology and himself culminating in his discovery of Jeremy’s breakthrough treatise.

This discovery was also greatly assisted by Dustin’s admiration of historical figures who each, in their own significant way, shone a light of courageous words and action in a world that was steeped in denial of our species’ human condition.

In Dustin’s words, this list includes “Jesus, for setting the greatest example of selfless love; Carl Jung, who gave me the courage to face my shadow. I would not have found Jeremy’s work at such a critical stage if it wasn’t for his work; Plato, whose words were so clear-minded when the world seemed so clouded; Dostoevsky, who described the plight of our human condition greater through story than anyone else I know; Sir Laurens van der Post, whose stories reminded me of the innocence of humankind; and Joseph Campbell, who showed me we aren’t so different after all, and that there’s a hero inside each and every one of us.”

Dustin also pays tribute to the power of 1960s rock music, especially that of Jimmy Hendrix, John Lennon, and his personal favorite, Jim Morrison. “There is no way to hear their music now and doubt that within the battles we’ve fought, there is an integrative order to life and a loving center in us all that works with it.”

Dustin also enjoys doing charitable work, which has included coaching youth sports, services for the elderly, and working with organizations that house and educate the poor.

Portrait phot of Dustin Hull

“Of all of men’s inborn dispositions there is none more heroic than love. Love will fight no-love every inch of the way.”

Sir Laurens van der Post, pre-eminent South African philosopher & writer